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ITC Audio T-6720


112 125 KZT
Наличие: Ограниченное количество Артикул: 18758
IP Network Wireless Remote Control
Фотография отсутствует
IP Network Wireless Remote Control


* Concise design and human operation interface.
* Remote control over one kms (no barrier)
* Preset 10 levels of user access priority.
* Preset 1000 levels of program priority.
* Preset 12 task keys and 6 function keys.
A. Task key can broadcast music system or paging to any network adapter at any time of any volume level.
B. Function key to pause/play, stop, previous and next, volume up and down Operation.
* Use together with main controller


Model:    T-6720
Protocol Support:    RS-232 (optional RS-422)
Baud Rate:    9600bps
Antenna:    Extendable
Power Consumption:    ≤5W
Power Supply:    DC 9V/0.5A
Dimensions:    120x102x30mm
Weight:    0.22Kg

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