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ITC Audio T-6708


114 920 KZT
Наличие: Ограниченное количество Артикул: 18765
IP Network Audio Adapter
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The T-6708 is a network audio adapter to decode the network source into external amplifier as one background music and paging system.

The biggest advantages of the network audio system are: Super distance audio transmission, simultaneous maximum program task and non-dedicated network wiring.


* IP network audio adapter or decoder to work with external power amplifier.
* Direct to receive internet audio source to decode into analog source as IP mixer pre amplifier.
* Non-dedicated network system solution.
* Could be installed anywhere of the LAN network.
* Economy network audio solution for multiple small sized room applications.
* Zone definition is done through software, each network audio adapter could be regard as one zone,or several audio adapters could be taken as one zone, moreover, several zones could be defined as group for synchronous operation.
* Build-in order programmed collect module, it can realize the real time signal collect function


Model:    T-6708
Network Input:    Standard RJ45x1, 1 Input
Protocol Support:    TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP
Aux Format:    MP3 & Mp2
Sampling Rate:    8K~48KHz
Transmit Speed:    10/100Mbps
Audio Format:    16 digit stereo CD tone
Frequency Output:    20Hz~16KHz
THD:    ≤0.3%
S/N:    ≥75dB
Aux Output:    1000mV
Aux output Impedance:    1kΩ
Working Temperature:    5℃ ~40℃
Humidity:    20%~80%
Power Consumption:    ≤8W
Power Supply:    ~110V/60Hz or~230V/50Hz
Dimensions:    187x139x60mm
Weight:    0.6Kg
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