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Микшер, 8 микрофонных входов (XLR) с отключаемым фантомным питанием 48v, 8 линейных входов (TRS), стерео вход AUX (RCA), два канала, 2 выхода (TRS\RCA), 1U
8 Channel Mic/Line Mixer with Stereo Outputs

The ART MX821S is a versatile rack mount mixer combining eight independent input channels into a stereo line-level output. Each input channel accepts a balanced XLR microphone input or unbalanced 1/4-inch TS line-level signal and provides independent level and pan controls.

+48 Volt phantom power may be independently selected on each microphone input. A master level control adjusts the signal output to the low-impedance balanced 1/4-inch TRS jacks. Prefade output (not affected by the master level control) and Aux Bus input RCA jacks allow patching of multiple units when more channels are needed.

The ART MX821S may be used on stage, in the studio, or for permanent install applications including conference rooms, corporate boardrooms, churches, restaurants, small clubs, health clubs and more. A built-in power supply and single high 19-inch rack mount format allows for easy installation and reliable long-term operation.

Eight input channels with individual level and pan controls
Pan controls place each input mono signal anywhere in the output stereo image
Balanced microphone XLR or unbalanced 1/4-inch TS inputs on each channel
Full +48V low noise phantom power switchable for each microphone input
Balanced left and right 1/4-inch TRS main output jacks with master level control
Prefade Output jacks and Aux Bus Input jacks allow units to be chained to provide extra inputs
Each line input jack may be individually converted to a direct line output by means of internal jumpers
Rugged 1U rack-mount steel chassis with built-in power supply
Perfect for stage, studio and permanent installations

Input Connections     
XLR female balanced (Mic, channels 1-8)
1/4-inch TS unbalanced (Line, channels 1-8)
RCA unbalanced (Aux Bus In, Left and Right)

Output Connections     
1/4-inch TRS balanced (Main Outputs, Left and Right)
RCA unbalanced (Prefade Out, Left and Right)

Input Impedance     
2k Ohms (Mic),
20k Ohms (Line),
51k Ohms (Aux Bus In)

Output Impedance     
200 Ohms (Main Outputs, balanced),
100 Ohms (Prefade Out)

Frequency Response     20 Hz - 20 kHz (+0, -1 dB) (CH 1-8 in, M

Total Harmonic Distortion     <0.01% @ 1 kHz, typical

Phase Response     All connections are phase coherent

Signal to Noise Ratio     >99dB typical (Ref 0dBu)

CMRR     >43 dB typical

Maximum Input Level     -4 dBu (Mic), +22 dBu (Line)

Maximum Output Level     +24 dBu (balanced), +18 dBu (unbalanced)

Maximum Gain     54 dB (Mic), 29 dB (Line)

Phantom Power     Switch Selectable, +48V DC (regulated and filtered), 7 mA current limiting per l

Dimensions     4.5cm x 48.3cm x 15.2cm

Weight     2.9 kg

Power Requirements     230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, <15W
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