ITC T-6701

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Блок управления группы для IP-аудио систем,
4 звуковых канала, 4 входа 100V с выходов усилителей мощности, 4 линейных выхода на входы усилителей мощности, 4 управляемых выхода питания, 1 дополнительный линейный аудио вход, 4 выхода на акустические системы потребителей,
интерфейс программирования (RS232), стандартный LAN порт (RJ-45), 5.16кг, 2U.
The T-6701 is a popular used model for IP/TCP network audio system solution. It is used to transmit program from internet to amplifier and loudspeakers. So the normal connection way as below: Control port by RJ45 connector to LAN switch and analog outputs to amplifiers.

The IP network audio adapter is of 19 rack mount design, so it is usually installed in the control room together with high watts power amplifier for a bigger sized application. This LAN network technology also allow this amplifier could be installed in each floor or local terminal area, thus the cable wiring cost could be saved.

The biggest advantages of the network audio system are: Super distance audio transmission, simultaneous maximum program task and non-dedicated network wiring.


* 19 rack mount IP/TCP network audio adapter in 2U height
* Built-in single channel TCP/IP decoder
* Decode digital audio data to analog amplifier
* Heart of IP background music, zone paging & voice alarm system
* Built-in 3.4 inch LCD screen display the IP address and status in English
* Supplied a remote control over music selection, IP address change and volume attenuation
* A serial IP address write in communication port
* Numeric keys on front panel for convenient operation
* 4 channel line outputs to amplifiers
* 4 channel 100V speaker inputs loop and 4 channel 3 wired volume control inputs
* 1 external line input (with volume control) and microphone input
* Automatically power off when no input for 5 minutes and automatically power on when signal feed into
* Pre-set power management

Model:    T-6701
Network Input:    Standard R J45 port
Transmission Speed:    10/100Mbps
Communication Protocol:    TCP/IP , UDP & IGMP
Audio Format:    MP3/MP2
Sampling Rate:    8K~48KHz
Audio Mode:    16 digit stereo CD level
Frequency Response:    20Hz~16KHz (+1dB, -3dB)
T.H.D.:    ≤0.3%
S/N Ratio:    >70dB
Aux Input:    One input, 350mV, Industrial standard screw terminals
Aux Output:    Four outputs,1V,Industrial standard screw terminals
Aux Output Impendance:    1KΩ
Power Consumption:    ≤18W
Power Supply:    ~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz
Dimensions:     484 x 353 x 88 mm
Weight:    5.16 Kg