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ITC Audio T-6702

196 219 тг.
Артикул: 18815
Наличие: Ограниченное количество
Микрофонный пульт для сетевых аудио систем IP и IP Intercom. Микрофон на гусиной шее, встроенный громкоговоритель 2W, стандартный LAN порт RJ-45. Поддерживаемые протоколы: TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP. Разрешение аудио 16 бит, 8-48 кГц. Дополнительный линейный аудио вход и выход. Питание адаптер =24V(10W). 0,5 кг.
Производитель: ITC Audio
 The T-6702 is a full duplex network audio paging microphones, built-in one way and two way communication system. This paging microphone could be installed to anywhere of the LAN system.

The T-6702 network paging microphone has several paging modes include: zone paging, group paging, all zone paging, two way intercom, conference system, discussion system & voting system.

The T-6702 is built-in a LCD to display program status and its IP address, end-user is accessible to change the IP setting with password. It is built-in a 1W speaker with excellent sound clearance so as to ensure the communication is smooth and clear. This microphone design is adopted advanced technology to avoid echo noise and to avoid data delay as well.


* Desktop microphone type, with exquisite appetence, elegant craft and modern design.
* Full duplex two way communication from any point to another intercom system.
* Embed PC technology, built-in DSP and high speed industrial chip to ensure start time less than 1 second.
* With 3.4 inch LCD user-friendly human-machine interface.
* With numeric keys, functional keys to call any terminal, easy to operate.
* One button push to answer intercom system.
* Several paging capacity: zone paging, group paging, all zone paging, two way intercom.
* Network conference system solution of discussion and voting function.
* Intercom inquiry with chime warning tone and flashing indicator.
* Support infrared remote control receiver, with a remote controller to complete all operations.
* Built-in 2W full-range monitor speakers with clear voice restoration and no echo noise.
* Support hands-free call and program broadcast receiving.
* With earphone or headphone input for monitor or communication.
* Within one external microphone input and one aux output for sound system.
* 24V DC power supplied, the power adapter is included in the packaging.

Model:     T-6702
Network Input:     Standard RJ45
Communication Protocol:     TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP
Audio Format:    MP3/MP2
Sampling Rate:    8K~48KHz
Transmission Speed:    10M/100Mbps
Audio Mode:    16 digit stereo CD sound quality
Frequency Response:    20Hz~16KHz (+1dB, -3dB)
T.H.D.:    ≤0.3%
S/N Ratio:    >70dB
Built-in monitor speaker:    4 Ω, 2W
Aux Input:    350mV Industry-standard voltage wire terminals
Aux Output:    1V Industry-standard voltage wire terminals
Aux Output Impedance:    1KΩ
Mic impedance:    10mV
Working temp:    5 ℃~ 40℃
Humidity:    10% ~ 90%
Power Consumption:    ≤10W
Power Supply:    DC 24V
Dimensions:    200 x 145 x 48.5 mm
Weight:    0.5Kg
ITC Audio T-6702 ITC Audio
196 219 тг.
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