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PowerSoft KSet-Up Card


207 911 KZT
Наличие: Ограниченное количество Артикул: 20825
Карта для смены программного обеспечения модели (на шаг вверх) К2>K3, K6>K8, K8>K10
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Компания Powersoft основана в 1995 году во Флоренции (Италия).
Фотография отсутствует
Step-Up Card

The Step-Up Card unlocks extra power capabilities on demand without the need to purchase new units.

This step up system gives users the flexibility to grow into new sound system capabilities on demand without having to sell existing inventory and re-tool racks with entirely new amplifiers.

The K6, K8 and K10 all share the same hardware platform. This means that by purchasing a K6, it is possible –as your business and your power requirements grow- to upgrade the platform’s output power.
This is carried out using the Model Step-Up Card and each step costs, more or less, as the price difference between the various models. For example, one Step-Up will transform the K6 into a K8, two Step-Ups will make the K6 a K10.Of course the K8 can also be upgraded.
The K2 and K3 on the other hand, are based on a smaller hardware, so it is possible to Step-Up from K2 to K3, but not from K3 to K6. Same goes for the K20, which is also based on a different hardware, making the K10 the highest possible upgrade currently available.

*Enables full output power, functionality, and feature set of the target amplifier model
*Economic way to gain more amplifier power for growing sound systems, or more power-hungry loudspeakers: Keep using the hardware and extend its lifetime, no resale/replacement, no loss of investment

K Series:

*K2 → K3
*K6 → K8
*K8 → K10

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