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ITC Audio TI-240S


184 854 KZT
Наличие: Ограниченное количество Артикул: 21670
Усилитель мощности микширующий с управляемыми выходами на 5 зон 240W
4 микрофонных входа, фантомное питание, 2 линейных, выходs на 100V, питание 230V или 24V.
484х399х132 мм, 20,15 кг, 3U.
Фотография отсутствует
5 Zones Integrated Amplifier  


The TI-S series 5 zone mixer amplifiers are 3U mixer amplifier featuring 70V, 100V and 4-16ohm speaker outputs & 4 universal combined mic inputs of 1/4" phone jack and XLR type. 2 line inputs by dual RCA type are also provided. The uniqueness of this amplifier is that the 5 zone outputs with separate volume control, which provide flexible zone control. Each 6 inputs are equipped with bass/treble tone controls. A remote 5 zone paging console T-318 is provided for announcement and control from another location.

Master, Mic1-4, line1-2 volume control & 6 separate treble/bass tone control for each input are provided, along with mic 1 of priority over other inputs. Each channel input with separate treble and bass control. Built-in sire for fire alarm system, EMC input, built-in chime, 2/4 tone chime selector, chime remote trigger. The TEL input could be used as telephone paging system over PA system. The REC output for tape recorder and PRE output, AMP input for adding extra signal processor like mixer, graphic equalizer. Complete protection includes short circuit and thermal protection, current limiter and overloading.


* 7 inputs 5 zone mixer amplifier
* Rack mount amplifier in 3U type
* Rated power output 240W
* 70V, 100V and 4-16ohm speaker terminals
* 5 zone 100V outputs and all zones outputs
* 4 balanced combined mic inputs of 1/4''phone jack and XLR type with separate gain control and phantom power switch
* 2 dual RCA line inputs, TEL and EMC input
* Each zone speaker output with separate volume control
* Remote paging console T-318 for zone paging control
* Built-in siren and 2/4 tone chime
* Volume control over master, Mic1-4, Line1-2, chime, siren, all zone output and each 5 zone output, tel input and remotepaging mic
* 5 levels of input priority from high to low: EMC input, tel input, remote paging console, Mic1, siren/chime over other inputs
* REC output for tape recorder
* PRE Output and AMP input for extra signal processor
* AC 110V or 220V and DC 24V operation


Model: TI-240S

Amplifier Section (4ΩLoad Output)
Rated Output Power (THD 1%): 240W(RMS)
Speaker Zone 1~5 Output: 50W MAX

Mic Input Section(Mic 1~4 In@1KHz)
Input Sensitivity/Impedance: 5mV 600Ω-245mV 5KΩBAL
S/N Ratio: Better than 55dB  
Frequency Response (±3dB): 50Hz~20,000 Hz
Tone Control (Bass:100Hz, Treble:10KHz): ±10dB    
Phantom Power: +48V     

Line Input Section (Mic 1~2 In@1KHz)

Input Sensitivity/Impedance: 350mV/47KΩ
S/N: Better than 65dB
Frequency Response (±3dB): 50Hz~20,000 Hz
Tone Control (Bass: 100Hz,Treble:10KHz): ±10dB    

Tel Audio Input

Input Sensitivity/Impedance: 0.775V/10KΩ
S/N: Better than 65dB  
Frequency Response (±3dB): 50Hz~20,000 Hz

EMC Audio Input

Input Sensitivity/Impedance: 0.775V/10KΩ
S/N: Better than 65dB  
Frequency Response (±3dB): 50Hz~20,000 Hz

Pre Amp Out(Mic 1~4, Line 1~2, Tel In, Remote In): 1V/600Ω
Remote MIC Sensitivity/Impedance: 775mV/10KΩ
THD: Less than 0.1% at 1KHz, 1/3 rated power  
Power Supply: ~110V/60Hz or ~230V/50Hz & DC 24V      
Power Consumption: 320W
Weight: 20.15Kg
Dimensions: 484 x 399 x 132 mm

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