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Звуковое оборудование Акустика Наушники

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M-Audio HDH-50

115 830 тг. 80 000 тг.

Артикул: R13029
Ограниченное количество
Высококачественные мониторные наушники закрытого типа,
12 - 24000 Hz, 115 dB SPL, импеданс 16 Ω,
шнур 2 метра.
Акустика: Наушники
Импеданс: 16 Ом
Верхняя граница диапазон: 24 KHz
Нижняя граница диапазона: 12 Hz

Hear the music. Hone your craft.

Building upon M-Audio’s world-class reference monitor technology, the HDH50 high-definition headphones bridge the gap between studio monitor engineering and private audio. Incorporating premium audio components into a rugged, durable design, HDH50 delivers critical sound reproduction and audio isolation for use in professional recording and monitoring environments. The over-the-ear design helps reduce fatigue during extended studio sessions, and the plush padding ensures that the HDH50 stays secured. For music production and listening, the HDH50 headphones deliver purpose-built, high-fidelity sound.
Superior Frequency Response

Expertly tuned and optimized for impressive audio clarity, the HDH50 headphones feature powerful, 50mm neodymium drivers for full-range frequency response. These extra-large drivers offer authentic bass response and allow producers to make accurate mix adjustments to the low end in private listening environments. Built with a rugged aluminum and steel construction, HDH50 gives producers and listeners high-definition sound in a headphone that's built to last.
Fatigue-Free Listening

HDH50 was developed for musicians and engineers who desire fatigue-free listening and maximum comfort during long recording, mixing, and listening sessions. Its closed-back construction is ideal for those long hours spent in the studio and helps reduce signal bleed to neighboring microphones for cleaner tracking. Overstuffed padding on the ear cups and headband provide unparalleled comfort during demanding recording sessions, and the ear cups completely surround the ears for excellent audio isolation.
Full-Range Frequency Response

With an expansive 12Hz-24kHz frequency range, there’s more than enough frequency range for creating, mixing, or monitoring any project. HDH50 is capable of producing the entire human frequency range, from low bass frequencies to crystal-clear highs, for reliable sound reproduction. Additionally, HDH50 creates an accurate stage-wide stereo image for precise mixing and instrument placement. With HDH50, you get the technology of a close-range monitoring system with the benefits, convenience, and comfort of headphones.


    Premium build quality and tuning with 12Hz-24kHz frequency response
    Powerful 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets offer an immersive audio experience
    Built to last with rugged aluminum and steel construction
    Plush leather cushioning with a comfortable over-the-ear design
    Audio cable with 1/4” adapter included
    Communication cable with built-in microphone included


    Frequency Response: 12Hz-24kHz
    Max SPL: 114dB @ 1kHz
    Impedance: 16 Ohms
    Cable: 2.1m with 1/8" connector

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81 148 тг.
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