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ART Cool Switch


15 746 KZT
Наличие: Ограниченное количество Артикул: 12526
Педаль - блок переключателя 2 к 1.
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Американская компания созданая в 1984 году.
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A/B-Y switching works two ways. It lets you switch a common source signal (guitar, bass or keyboard) between two amplifiers or amp channels. Or conversely, it lets you switch two source signals (ie, two different guitars) into the same amplifier. A good quality A/B-Y switcher will also provide LEDs or other indicators to show whether A, B or Y routing is in effect. The Y routing combines both the A and B outputs in parallel so that two amplifiers can be driven at once. The CoolSWITCH provides full A/B-Y switching functionality, plus parallel Common in/out jacks.


One instrument switching between two amplifiers:
a.) Plug your instrument cable into one of the jacks marked Common. If you have a guitar tuner you may connect it to the other Common jack with an extra guitar
cord or shielded patch cable.
b.) Using two more shielded cables connect the A jack to the input of amp A and the B jack to the input of amp B.
c.) Depress the A/B footswitch to select amplifiers. One of the two LEDs will illuminate to tell you which amp is selected.
d.) To get both amps working at once, depress the Y footswitch. When both amps are working, both LEDs will be on.

Two instruments being selected for one amplifier:
a.) Using shielded guitar cords, plug one instrument into the A jack and the other into the B jack.
b.) Using a third shielded cable, connect one of the Common jacks to the input of the amplifier.
c.) Now depress the A/B footswitch to select the desired instrument. Please note that is not generally advisable to use the Y function in this setup (i.e. to have both instruments going into the amp at once).
d.) The LEDs will indicate that instrument A or B is connected to the amplifier


The CoolSWITCH provides full A/B-Y switching functionality, plus parallel Common in/out jacks.

A and B LEDs illuminate to indicate selected signal routing. Both LEDs illuminated indicates Y routing. Dual footswitches permit selective A/B switching or the combining of both A&B as with a Y adapter. Dual common jacks permit connecting something in parallel with the input source – such as a guitar tuner.

Power Requirements: 9V Battery (included)
Dimensions: 90 x 63 x 40 mm
Weight: 454g

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