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ART HeadAmp-6

110 700 тг.

Артикул: R5559
Нет в наличии
Усилитель для наушников, 1 основной стерео вход, 6 (18) стерео выходов на наушники, 1 стерео выход, 6 стерео aux входов, 1U.
Звуковое оборудование: Усилители
Тип усилителей: наушников
Вид усилителя: контрольные
The HeadAmp6 is a fully-featured six -channel stereo headphone amplifier that includes six auxiliary inputs to allow separate "more-me" mixes on each headphone channel.

Each output channel has a dual function Balance Control which will pan between Left & Right input of the main signal bus, or vary the mix between the main stereo signal bus and the auxiliary input for that respective channel.

Each output channel includes one front and two rear panel stereo 1/4-inch TRS head-phone jacks for ease of installation and quick patching capability. Mono, Mute L, and Mute R select buttons and on each channel select between four operating modes; 1) Stereo, 2) Mono Left, 3) Mono Right, 4) Mono Both (Left & Right) for versatile monitoring solutions. Independent output level controls on each channel personalize monitoring levels.

Input options include XLR and 1/4-inch TRS balanced inputs with matching "Thru" jacks for bridging multiple units. An additional front panel stereo 1/4-inch TRS Direct In jack for quick patch override of the rear panel inputs is included for quick insertion of any stereo source. Master Volume control sets the main signal bus level. Eight-segment precision LED level metering on the main bus and four-segment indicators on each output channel provide visual feedback of the signal level at all key points.


    Six Independent High-Power Headphone Amplifier Channels
    Dual Function Balance/Mix Control per Channel
    Front Panel Stereo Aux Input for each Channel
    Multiple Monitoring Settings per Channel
    Individual Output Level Control per Channel
    Precision Four Segment LED Metering Per Channel
    Master Volume Control w/ Eight Segment LED Metering
    Front Panel Direct In Jack
    One Front and Two Rear Mounted Headphone Jacks per Channel
    Connects and Drives up to 18 Headphones Simultaneously
    XLR and 1/4" Main Inputs and Outputs
    Parallel Main Outputs for Multiple Unit Use


Input Connections:
    XLR-F balanced (2),
    ¼-inch balanced (9)
Output Connections:
    XLR-M balanced (2),
    ¼-inch balanced (2),
    ¼-inch stereo headphone (18)
Input Impedance:
    40K Ohms Main,
    10K Ohms Direct,
    15K Ohms Aux In
Output Impedance: <12 Ohms Headphones
Maximum Input Level: +21dBu (all inputs)
Maximum Output Level:
    150mW (600 Ohm Headphones)
    500mW (32 Ohm Headphones)
    150mW (8 Ohm Headphones)
Maximum Gain: 22dB
Ref: 0 dBu = 0.775VAC RMS
Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB typical
THD: <0.01% typical
Dynamic Range: >101dB typical
CMRR: >40dB
Phase Shift: <10 degrees, 20Hz - 20kHz
Power Requirements: 230VAC / 50 Hz, 15 Watts
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 44.5 x 483 x 152 mm
Weight: 2.4kg


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